17 juin 2015

Bright colors / Couleurs vives

    Hello! :)   Pfff it seems like I have some troubles with the lack of imagination lately and I can`t seem to make anything right. But anyway, after this very very long absence and pause from crafting, I finally managed to put togheter at least one card.   I am joining with this one again on Ons borduurkaartenblog --> Challenge #20- blauw met een andere kleur . I really do hope that I understood the requierments right.           Wish you all, like always, a... [Lire la suite]
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18 mai 2015

Butterflies/ Papillons

       Hello everybody!     So I`m finally back after what felt to be like ages and lots of stress and misfortunes. But we got to the bottom of everything , sorted all out and what better way (at least for me) to relax than getting back to my papers, needles and all?      Again on Ons borduurkaartenblog they have a wonderful theme ( Challenge #19 - vlinders / butterflies ) , actually my favourite, so I couldn`t help it and I`m joining in with the following card :)   ... [Lire la suite]
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22 avril 2015

Meeting the new member of the family!

      Hello again! :)   I planned to show you some new creations in a few days , but now I am just to excited and can`t seem to calm down ! :))) In a few hours I will go home , after one year of being far, to meet my new little nephew . He`s the cutest of the cutest and I just can`t wait to hold him in my arms. With this occasion I also made a welcome card for him wich I want to share with you too.        Here it is ! :)           This time, there`s no... [Lire la suite]
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21 avril 2015

Nouvelle techniques/ New techniques

       Hello everybody !    Until recently I only used to make embroidered cards or just plain simple . This is just until a few days ago when my mom sent me some amazing ideas with different folds. In the first day , I got my materials out and I was standing there, looking at them for hours and not just one single idea came into my mind. In that moment i thought for a second : "ok , this is not for me " ... and i was just about to give up. The next day on the other hand , as soon as i woke up , I took a... [Lire la suite]
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16 avril 2015

Printanière parfumée / Scented spring

       Hello again!   Yesterday I went on a stroll with my boyfriend on the banks of the Seine. We first intended to just take a small walk and maybe relax for a few minutes on a bench but then we got to this wonderful spot on Quais de Jussieu! We got mesmerized to the full by the view we found and the fresh scent of spring and blossomed trees. So we decided to stop and improvize a little late evening picnic right there! It was perfect !    ... [Lire la suite]
14 avril 2015

Le début d'un nouveau voyage! / The start of a new journey!

      Hello to all!    My name is Renata and I am a newbie in France and at the same time at writing on a blog! This year has started for me with a lot of big changes and having been a little bit pessimistic and also very melancholic in the past ,has changed too lately. Now I try to see the beauty and the happiness around me instead of the grey and I can shout out loud " I AM HAPPY! "     I also love making cards and sewing and reading like a LOOOT so I start this blog, beside the reason of... [Lire la suite]
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